Tummy Talks – Malaysian Food Guide 2013

Tummy Talks Malaysian Food Guide
My 1st Self-Published Book with Kindle

Nothing unites people as easily as food. Malaysia is blessed with a hot pot of culture which brings along with it a rich variety of food from Malay Satay to Indian Chapatti, Thai Tom Yum to Italian Spaghetti. Despite their origins, one thing for certain is that its taste is unique to Malaysia as the recipes have all been enhanced through the years to suit the taste buds of Malaysians. Go anywhere in the world and you would never find something that tastes exactly as what you would find in Malaysia.

Tummy Talks

Tummy Talks – Malaysian Food Guide book was published in year 2013 with my best friend, Kris (Pen name Yogi). At that time, we were working on 2nd sources of income on top of our employment income. We brainstormed and the easiest book to produce is food related, since we both love to eat nice food.

I went on to research on how to publish a book with Amazon Kindle for the soft copy and Create Space (now it is KDP Print) for the printed copy. This was the first time I heard of on-demand printing. KDP Print will only print your book once someone buys it. Awesome idea right, even though the cost of printing will be higher compared to volume printing, in my opinion.

I wrote the draft copy of the book and Kris will review and edit the book for the final version. Then I design the cover page, format the book to follow Kindle guidelines, submit it to Amazon Kindle and Create Space for reviews before approval. Subsequent all other steps such as writing the book description (contributed by Kris), setting the price and etc. It was a fun process indeed, and I got to learn so much.

The book is available at