Unleash The Power Within @ Singapore 2018

Anthony Robbins is coming to Singapore for Unleash The Power Within from 1st to 4th February 2018. As of writing, all categories of ticket already sold out, and now they added new Silver Category with an investment of SGD 697 (MYR 2320.89) which entitled you for silver seating (limited view), fire-walk experience, course materials, and registration materials.

You might be curious about the limited view term, I believe it is because for Silver there will be Screen which blocks most of the view to the stage. But you can still learn and experience the UPW and this could change your life, provided we take action after the event. Anyway, the stage is too far away and looking at the screen give a better view. According to the organizer, there will be more than 10K attendees. Wow! And for those from Asia, it will be more cost saving to attend it in SG than flying to the US.

And the experience of fire-walk will be incredible. Look at the below video to have an idea out of it.

Update on Jan 6th, 2018
My friend has an extra 2 GOLD tickets to let go of only SGD 680 per ticket. For more info, please visit Carousell here.

Update on May 5th, 2019
Tony Robbins is coming again to Singapore Expo for Unleash The Power Within from 6th to 9th September 2019. You (both Malaysian and non-Malaysian) can get your tickets here.