Weight Loss Belly

Weight Progress with extra 0.5 kg

Gain Weight but Still Happy

One of my 2018 The New Me Resolution is to stay slim and healthy. Slim in a way that is back to my normal weight based on my height and of course now I am overweight.  In order for me to know my progress, I actually track my weight every end of Sunday night. I have a table with weeks where I write my weight down. From this then I can know whether my strategy is working or not, if not then I will need to change it. See it, very important to track our progress in everything we do. Where are we know and where are we yesterday.

NLP Reframing

On Sunday when I measure my weight and it was 87kg which is added 0.5 kg compare to previous week of 86.5kg?

How can I response to it? There are two ways that I could have respond.

Dis-empowering Way

OMG, I have put on weight. I have been exercised 30 mins daily, and I still gain weight. It is not working, why I have to so difficult in controlling my food and sweat whole body every day on a treadmill. I am not going to make it. Haiz.

Empowering Way

Wow, I only gained 0.5 kg even though over the weekend I have overeaten with carbs. Compare to my 1st and 2nd week where I overeat, I gained 1 kg for each week and now I only gained 0.5 kg. Yes, it is a 50% improvement.    And this is how reframing work by changing the meaning of the event to more empowering.

Weight Loss Tracking

Which way do you want to respond to any event?

Choose Wisely, Choose Empowering!